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The Atlanta Export Portal was developed in 2015 to provide information and resources for companies looking to grow through exports. The site is a component of the Atlanta Metro Export Plan – learn more about the plan below.

The Atlanta Metropolitan Export Plan, or “MEP,” is a data-driven regional export strategy produced in partnership with City of Atlanta, metro Atlanta regional partners, and the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC). The Atlanta MEP is part of the nationwide Global Cities Initiative (GCI) led by The Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase. Atlanta is one of 28 metros participating in the GCI.

The goal of the Atlanta MEP is to increase economic impact of exports for metro Atlanta by:

  1. expanding a sustainable export ecosystem and culture
  2. engaging local companies to build their export capacity and/or activities.

Metro Atlanta ranks No. 14 among the top 100 largest US metros for exports, but ranks No. 70 in terms of export intensity — the percentage of exports within our total regional economy. Hovering close to No. 14, metro Atlanta’s export ranking has not changed since 2003.

Capitalizing on its core assets – including home of the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, its proximity to the Port of Savannah, home to 15 FORTUNE 500 companies – metro Atlanta has a huge opportunity to help more companies grow through exports.

The Atlanta MEP will change how the metro’s small- and medium-sized companies do business. They will grow through exports by tapping new markets and reaching new customers. Increasing exports and international sales is ultimately about creating jobs.

In 2014, the Atlanta MEP Steering Committee, comprising of regional partners and volunteers from throughout the 29-county metro region and representing small- and medium-companies (exporters and non-exporters), service providers, FORTUNE 500 companies, and economic development agencies, took on the task of developing the Atlanta MEP in four (4) phases:

    1. RESEARCH: The committee conducted surveys and interviews of local companies in addition to in-depth analyses of metro export data from The Brookings Institution (completed April 2014)
    2. MARKET ASSESSMENT: The research led to the development of the Atlanta Market Assessment, providing the key findings from the data and responses (completed July 2014)
    3. EXPORT STRATEGY: The key findings of the market assessment led to the development of the export strategy, which defined the goals, objectives, strategies and tactics (completed November 2014)
    4. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN: The committee defined an Implementation Plan for the export strategy that begins in 2015 with MAC as the lead organization (completed December 2014)


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